• How to avoid bedbugs as you travel?

    Bedbugs are a great scare in the business of infestation; you never know when they will infest or attack you. Most times people find out about bedbug infestations long after the infestation must have occurred, at which point more bedbugs must have been bred. So, just as you set up measures to secure your property and life, measures to keep out bedbugs cannot be overemphasized because they multiply like math. Bedbugs are spread out mostly as people do regular travels; they could be in suitcases, mattresses, sofas, pieces of furniture and all. The act of preventing bedbug invasion can look deceptively simple because these bedbugs are hardly seen with the eye; only symptoms of their presence. However, in trying to avoid bedbugs, one has to be really thorough because these bugs stay in [...]
  • What do bedbugs smell like?

    There are an awful lot of insects out there; in the woods, forests, water bodies and a lot more habitats. This fact means that insects vary across the earth and sometimes when a special interest is developed on a certain species for reasons such as mere studies, control measures or economic gain, there comes the need to identify a certain insect. In identifying insects many aspects can be looked at like: their color, habitat, diet, body morphology, scents or smells and more. Well this time, the interest is bedbugs and how to identify them using their smell. Insects come with various unique and sickly smells. Bedbugs are wingless modestly sized insects that feed solely on warm blooded animals, for example, people and animals. They have developed into home parasites and are found in [...]
  • How long does it take to react to bedbug bites?

    It is little news that every insect has some sort of sting or the other; some insects bite people directly, some sting and inject people with harmful substances while some others just lace our foods or everyday materials that we use. Bedbugs are no different, they hurt people by biting and like all insects it takes some time for the symptoms of the bite to manifest. Bedbugs take an average of fourteen (14) days to manifest in humans after bug bite. However, there are special cases in highly allergic individuals where the symptoms of the bedbug bite manifests in a couple of hours after bite. Bedbug reactions range from intense itching and depending on one’s immune system the sore could swell as time goes and get bigger. In cases like this, bitten individuals should visit a [...]
  • How did you start accommodating bedbugs?

    Bedbugs are extremely intrusive insects and it gets worse because they also extremely good at hiding. Their tendency to survive without feeding for a long time works to a disadvantage too because it means they will survive in your household till whenever food comes through. Bedbugs are hardly seen when they are in motion, they are careful with their movements; once they are infested, they travel around as humans travel too with their property. Bedbugs emanate from temperate and the tropics, which sounds like, ‘yes, very far from me’ but unsanitary situations draw them closer because unsanitary conditions are temperate too. Sadly too, a very clean living condition also has this temperate condition as the bugs have been reported to infest even five-star hotels, nursing homes and so [...]
  • Diseases that Mice can Transmit

    While mice are among the common rodents close to humans in the living environment, they can pose a number of health-related threats to humans as well as other animals. Studies have shown that mice can transmit diseases to humans through fleas, feces biting, ticks, or mites, among others. There are a number of these diseases; we shall be looking at them below. 1. Lassa fever This is one of the deadly diseases that mice can transmit; it can kill in a few days if care is not taken. According to reports, many African countries have been experience this calamity recently; however, preventive measures have been greatly put in place so that the disease does not further spread. 2. Rat-bite fever Rat-bite fever is another disease that mice can transmit as quickly as possible, it is widely [...]
  • Are Beg Bugs just in Beds ?

    No! Generally, bed bugs like to hide in small cracks and crevices close to a human environment, however they have specific places where they are concentrated in large quantities. Studies have shown that the Bed is the major destination of these insects, but there are also other places where they can be found. Find out about it below. Other Areas Where Bed Bugs Are Found: Shoes kept near a food supply Bed bugs can be found in shoes that are mostly near a food item. In many houses, people use to keep their shoes near some food supply, these insects are very sensitive to dust and odor and they don’t hesitate to enter such places they know they can survive. Bed bugs are also found in folded areas Bed bugs can also be found in folded areas in the house; if you’ve hung some clothes [...]
  • Why are bed bugs so hard to treat ?

    If you’ve ever been in contact with bed bugs in your house, you will know how important it is to avoid them, they can be so annoying because they can bite, cause skin infection, and some diseases. So, if you’ve done all the necessary things to get rid of bed bugs and still the efforts aren’t working, here are some of the reasons that justified why they are so hard to treat. 1. Some Bed Bugs Cannot Be Seen Bed bugs are literally small in size, only the adult can be seen. So, if you’ve probably been trying to kill or chase them away, you will often find it difficult because they are not something you can easily identify and possibly get rid of them. This is one of the reasons why it is so hard to treat bed bugs. 2. It Depends On The Environment When bed bugs find your home [...]
  • Are Bed Bugs a REAL Problem ?

    Infestation of bed bugs in a home can present a number of challenges, as Bedbugs are seen as stubborn little beasts that can cause a very serious problem if one is careless about them. If you’re wondering whether bed bugs can pose threats in a home, this article will be of great help to you. Find out below, some of the reasons why bed bugs are considered a real problem in the living environment. 1. Bed bugs can bite Oh yes! Bed bugs can pose a serious threat to both humans and animals through a bite. While they are generally not considered as dangerous insects, they sometimes pose danger by biting which can lead to serious allergic reaction. They can bite on the face, neck, ears, or any part of the body. 2. Bed bugs can cause itching When you came in contact with bed bugs, the [...]
  • Signs of Rats in House

    Are you suspecting that rats might have found their ways into your house? Or do you want to know how to notice when rats have found their way into your house? This article will be of great help to you, as you will be acquainted with tips that will show you a sign of Rats infestation in your house. However, before we go further, understand that Rats are active pests and can cause serious problem in your home ranging from destruction of properties to infections of food items and diseases. It is important to know that there are many different signs to look for to help determine the infestation of rats in your home. Find out below, some of these signs. Small Burrowing Entrances One of the most notable signs of Rat infestation in a house is small burrowing entrances in several [...]
  • How to prevent rats in your house ?

    Rats can cause serious problem for home owners, ranging from destruction of properties to causing diseases and infections. It is important to know that no one will love to have rats in his or her home; the reason is simple, you will never have a peace of mind as long as rats are in your house. However, all hope is not lost; as we’re going to show you some strategies you can adopt in order to prevent rats completely from living in your home. Fencing Fencing is regarded as one of the most effective ways to prevent rats from entering a home. You are advised to fence as much area of your house as you can so that you will deny them access completely. Keep a cat No matter how stubborn rats can be, a cat can make their life miserable and will also help prevent them from [...]