• How do rats get in your house ?

    One thing you need to know is that Rats can squeeze into amazingly small areas in your house. The most amazing thing is that, even a Rat that looks very big can find its way through the tightest gab and holes in a building without stress. This is one of the most amazing things about the way rats enter into a house. So, if you want to know how Rats can get in your house, here are some of the possible routes they go through. Pipe Entry Holes Pipe entry hole is one of the major entrances of rats into a house. At a point in time during construction, you may notice that there have been small entry holes left in the process of putting a pipe into the building. These openings play a big role in making rats into the house. With this, it is a reminder that Rats can squeeze [...]
  • Can a rat chew through metal ?

    Yes! Rats can chew through anything that is attracted to them including metal; however, it depends on the thickness of the metal. It is important to know that the rat’s incisors teeth never stops growing, and this makes them chew anything they find so that the teeth can wear down. According to a number of research conducted concerning rats, it was found out that their fiery teeth are strong enough to destroy not only metal but also lots of properties in the house, farms, as well as commercial areas. In this article, we’re also going to look at other objects rats can also chew through. Evidence That Rat Can Chew Through Metal It’s obvious, with their sharp incisors teeth, rats can chew through metal lining and even copper wires. There have been reports from the studies conducted on [...]
  • What are the signs and symptoms of a bed bug infestation?

    There are many kinds of pests and insects that can infest your residential or commercial buildings. In order to eliminate these infestations permanently, it is mandatory to understand which pest has actually infested your building. Once you have identified the pests correctly, you can start proper treatment for the same. This applies to bed bugs as well. It is quite common to confuse infestations from bed bugs with attacks from other common insects. However, if ignored or if not detected properly in the initial stages, this can lead to costly repair works later on. Here are some of the common symptoms that will give you valid clues when you experience bed bug infestations at your place: Any infestation sign on beds, beddings and mattresses Sweet and stuffy aroma odour in the [...]
  • What health risks do bed bugs pose?

    Bed bugs are one of the most common insects found in our homes today. As the name indicates, these bugs are attracted to all things in and around bed and they love to suck in the human blood during the night hours. Until now, there are no medical studies to prove that bed bug bites carry harmful diseases. However, just like other bites, bites from beg bugs too can cause skin allergies, redness, swelling, bleeding, inflammation and other related problems. It is very important to treat these allergies soon, because, if unnoticed, they can grow into bigger problems. First and foremost, you have to understand that bed bug bites do not cause the same reaction in all human beings. Kids, elderly people, people who have chronic ailments and those who are disabled get severely impacted by bed [...]
  • How to identify bed bug bites

    Male and female bed bugs feed on human blood for their survival. These beg bugs are the most active only during the night hours, when humans are fast asleep. They suck on the blood, causing irritating, itchiness, swelling and inflammation on the skin in some of the cases. When we spot red marks on our hands or necks the next morning, we usually ignore it or tend to apply some oil and forget about it. However, suddenly when these marks starts swelling up or when skin starts bleeding or when there is a case of severe inflammation, we realize our mistake of not diagnosing it at the initial stage itself. This brings us to the question, how do we know if a bed bug has bitten us? Read on to know the answer for this important question. Important clues Here are some important clues which [...]
  • Do bed bugs spread diseases?

    Irrespective of whether you have a residential or commercial establishment, bed bug infestations can be really frustrating. Apart from spoiling the look of your structures, bed bugs do pose a more serious problem of diseases. Though there are not many serious cases of diseases resulting from bites of bed bugs, it still results in swelling or infection if the bites are not looked into, on time. Bed bug bites are believed to cause more infections in kids than in adults. When the infection is severe, the wound starts bleeding and begins to swell, causing lot of pain. Who is the worst affected? Bed bugs are one of the most common insects that are found in residential establishments today. If your house is near moist areas or if there are lot of debris accumulated near your house, you [...]
  • How to prevent centipedes from getting into your home

    Centipedes are pests that are quite challenging to catch and kill. The main reason for this is that centipedes can move very quickly and can cheat you very easily. Once a centipede enters your home, it is very difficult for you to stop further infestations from them. Hence, you have to do all what you can to kill these little beings so that you can save yourself from their bites. Centipede bites are not venomous or do not carry any diseases; however these bites pain a lot. You will feel an acute stinging sensation in your body as soon as you get bitten by a centipede or millipede. One of the renowned names and an expert in the pest control industry, Toro Pest Management, has suggested the following home remedies for you to prevent centipede infestations. Keeping cracks [...]
  • All that you need to know about bed bug bites and infestations

    Of all the pests that could infest your house, bed bugs are one of the most harmless. This is because their bites do not carry any diseases. However, that doesn’t mean that you can leave bed bugs unattended to. You will have to adequate care to keep every single nook and cranny in your house clean, as these holes and cracks are the places that bed bugs like the most. Where do bed bugs survive? Bed bugs are found in warm places that are full of carbon dioxide. Usually they hide behind your beds, under your mattresses and other remote locations that you least expect them to be. If you ever wait for bed bugs to show up by themselves, you are sure to be disappointed. This is because these bugs are very clever when it comes to concealing their presence. If you spot some of their blood [...]
  • How to choose a good pest control company in Bronx

    Pest control is a problem that should be nipped in the bud itself. If you allow it to grow, it can become quite dangerous for your health and your building. Most of the times, people try to drive away ants, termites and other pests through home remedies. These natural remedies may or may not provide you permanent solutions. Therefore, the best way to control pests is to avail the services of a good pest control company. If you are based out of NY, you must try out the services of Toro Pest Management, as they are one of the best in this field. Making a mistake in choosing your service provider can result in big problems for you. The following points need to be kept in mind while choosing a pest management service provider, if you want professional services at affordable [...]
  • Top tips that will help in rodent control in Bronx, NY

    Rodents are one of the most embarrassing kinds of pests in commercial and residential establishments. They not only cause excessive damage to properties but also spoil food items very quickly. One has be to very careful when trapping rodents, because these are of different types. A trap which works for one type might not work for other. Broadly, there are two kinds of rodents – mice and rats. While mice are quite small, rats are bigger in size and thus require bigger traps. Interested to find out about some tips that might help you with rodent control? Read on to know more: Placement of rodent traps The most common and time-tested formula for catching rodents (residential and commercial) is through traps. Expert pest control service providers like Toro Pest Management (one of the [...]